When running any business that involves shipping anything, it can often seem like an annoyance to spend too long thinking about this aspect of the business. The box arriving at your customer’s home is that only real physical interaction that you will have with the customer. It might be worth taking the time to ensure that you are making the best possible impression.

Shipping fragile items require extra special attention so that you are meeting the expectations of your customers and delivering the product that they want, intact and undamaged. The last thing that you want is to build a reputation for delivering products that have been damaged during shipping.

If shipping fragile items is something that you are concerned about, then read on to learn the best practices. We will teach you how to ship fragile items with protection from the moment it leaves your store to the moment your customer excitedly unboxes it.

1. Make sure that the shipping box is the right size

This might seem very basic, but it is also essential to give your fragile items the best chance of surviving the trip through the mail. The ideal size for your shipping boxes will have enough room inside of it to fit the item that you are shipping and enough protective material.

The product needs to fit snugly into the box and packing material. The fragile items should not bounce around inside the box. Anytime the box hits anything, it is the packing material that absorbs the impact and not the fragile item inside.

2. Have enough packing materials ready to go

If you see any seasonal increase in orders of your product, then ramping up production of a product is the first thing that you will plan for. What can sometimes be overlooked is the need for more boxes and packing materials. This can cause a delay in the fulfillment of orders and needs to be planned for.

If you see an uptick in the number of orders then a quick inventory of the number of orders that have come in and the volume of packing materials available to you should be a priority. This can alert you early on in the order process if any additional packaging materials or boxes need to be ordered.

3. Fragile doesn’t just have to mean easy to break

When you pick packaging supplies to ship fragile items, you need to make sure that it won’t be affected by anything that it encounters on its way to your customer’s arms. If extreme heat or cold can damage the product then this needs to be taken into account as well.

Protecting your fragile items from the elements is very important and should be taken very seriously. Plastic bags or shrink-wrap are the perfect solutions to keeping moisture out of your package.

4. Secure the fragile items in the box

If your product and the packing materials need to remain fixed in place during transit then they need to be secured in place. Zip ties or shrink wrapping can do this effectively. Making sure that there is no chance that the packing materials can become dislodged and move freely around is important.

Ideally, there should be no free space inside the box for the item to move around. If this free space is filled with packing peanuts or similar then the box needs to be full of them to be effective.

5. Use green shipping materials

Millennial consumers want everything that they buy to be friendly to the environment. However, they also want the products that they buy to arrive at their homes intact. There are many ways that you can ensure that your packaging materials are environmentally friendly, although this should not be at the expense of not being able to deliver packages safely.

6. Test a few shipments

This can be the best way to ensure that your packaging protects your fragile items through the shipping process. You will know once the package arrives exactly how well your preparations have worked in practice. This is something that you should do once in a while so that you are aware of what your customer experiences when they receive their order.

7. Seal the box properly

You could have implemented the best possible protective materials into the box, but if the box opens up during shipping this counts for nothing. You also want to make sure that the package cannot be easily opened and that a seal is intact when a customer receives the item.

The unboxing of a product is an important part of the online order process. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to exactly the unboxing of products and the experience that each opening entails. An unbroken seal on a product is one the first thing that a customer will see and is even an opportunity for branding like amazon does with their tape.


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