If you and your team use a printer for small business regularly, it makes sense to spend time focusing on printing costs and even for searching for ways to save money on this expense.

As a first step, you will need to estimate the current expenses associated with using your business printers. Then, you can search the marketplace for new options that may be more cost-effective to use.

When your office activities include frequent use of the printer, this simple step could result in substantial savings that may ultimately improve the cash flow of your business.

Analyze the Cost of Ink or Toner Cartridges

Regardless of whether you use a colour laser printer, office photocopiers or other devices in your workplace, you may go through numerous ink or toner cartridges regularly. These can range in price from under $20 to more than $60 each, so you understandably want to determine your total ink or toner cost each month. You may review previous office supplies orders, or you may pay attention to how many times you replace the toner for the next few weeks.

Focus on Printer Efficiency

Some printers and copiers keep track of how many pages have been printed or copied. If this is the case, you can easily monitor the number of pages printed each time you change the toner. With a simple calculation, you can then determine how many pages of text or images each cartridge was responsible for. If your printer or copier does not keep track of this, you may ask your employees to track their pages for you. This is less efficient and accurate, but it can still give you a fair idea about printer efficiency.

Consider Alternatives

After taking these steps with your business printers, you will be able to compare your current printing capabilities and costs against new models on the market. New models may be designed with greater efficiency in mind. While you want to focus on the output for each model available, you also want to research the toner costs for each model. When you take these steps, you will be able to determine which printer or copier is most cost-effective for you to use.

It can take time to recoup the cost associated with making an upgrade. If you find a printer or copier that is more cost-effective to use, you also need to consider how much time it would take to recoup the cost associated with a new printer purchase. While this research effort can take time to complete, the reality is that it can save you a tremendous amount of money with regular use of your office printers and copiers. Visit XMA Business Solutions for more information and resources.


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