Paperless revolution has become a major trend in the business world. However, a business owner or secretary needs to convert the text and graphics onto paper occasionally to convey information to their clients or workers. Commercial printers come in different sizes, models, and types depending on speed and output quality. The choice of one printer to another depends on the role that it plays in business. Latest advancements in technology allow the employees to print texts and graphics from their smart phones.

Various Types of Office Printers

Printers have become cheaper in this era where most documents live in laptop drives and cloud services. The business printers are either monochrome or color printers. The monochrome printers are ideal for text documents or spreadsheets that do not have anything colored to print. Color printers cost more than monochrome models, but they produce the best quality and smooth-looking images and texts. Some of the common business printers that you are likely to find in most companies include Ink-jet, all in one, and Laser printers. Visit the hubTGI website for additional information and more online resources.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are some of the printers used in most large businesses. They come in two folds including the basic document printer and all in one printer. The basic document printer is ideal for printing documents such as web pages, excel spreadsheets, and word documents. The all in one printer, on the other hand, can scan and print documents as well as make copies of documents. Additionally, the printers are either monochrome or colored. A black and white printer is cheaper than a colour laser printer. Laser printers produce more papers per minute than inkjets hence ideal for businesses with large workloads.

Inkjet Printers

It is the most affordable printer in the market hence ideal for small businesses. There are three types of inkjets, which include basic document printer, all-in- one, and photo printer. The document printers can print a spreadsheet, Web page, Word documents, and e-mail printers. The photo printers produce pictures of a high resolution while some of the all in one printer has fax capabilities and a built-in the document feeder.


It is a little bit confusing while choosing the ideal printer for small business. However, your business needs and functions determine the perfect printer to get. An inkjet printer is perfect for smaller workloads while a laser would be the best choice for faster and quality printing. An all in one printer is ideal when a business owner does not have scanners, office photocopiers, or fax machines in their office.


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