If you want your flexography operations to be successful, you need to take good care of your material. Many people end up damaging their flexography sleeves simply because they’re not storing them properly.

Finding the right storage system is an easy way to improve your operations. Here are some features you should be looking for in a flexography storage system.

1. It should protect your sleeves by storing them vertically

If you simply stack your flexography sleeves horizontally, they will eventually be deformed by gravity. You don’t want to have to work with oval sleeves, and you don’t want to have to pay to replace them either.

The solution is simple: find a flexography storage system that will allow you to store your sleeves vertically.

2. It should minimize the risks of your sleeves falling to the floor

When many sleeves are stacked horizontally against a wall, it can be easy for them to fall, or to be dropped to the floor by someone who is looking for one particular sleeve.

The ideal storage system should keep your sleeves vertically, but it should also make it easy for you to access the one you need, without having to move the other ones.

3. It should not damage the ends of your sleeves

It can be easy to damage the ends of a flexography sleeve. Fortunately, it can also be easy to protect them and prevent damages.

Make sure the storage system you choose has soft rubber pads to protect the bottom of your sleeves, and adjustable discs to protect the top, and keep the sleeves in place.

4. It should be easy to identify your sleeves

If your storage system has many rows of sleeves, it will eventually become difficult to find the sleeve you’re looking for, and to pick it up so you can use it.

When your storage system has no more than two rows, finding the sleeve you need can take a few seconds, not minutes.

5. It won’t break even if you have many sleeves to store

The ideal flexography storage system should be light, but sturdy. One flexography sleeve is not that heavy, but if you have many of them to store, you need to be able to rely on a strong storage system.

If your storage system collapses under the weight of your sleeves, your sleeves could be damaged, and your budget will also be damaged because you’ll need to buy a new system.

6. It should help you save some floor space

Just because a storage system is sturdy and lets you access your sleeves easily doesn’t mean it has to be big and bulky.

You probably don’t have any floor space to waste, so look for a storage system that helps you save some valuable space.

7. It can be customized to meet your needs

Your flexography operations are unique, and you might need your storage system to be unique as well.

Fortunately for you, some flexography storage systems can be fully customized. All you have to do is get in touch with a manufacturer of flexography storage systems, and tell them about your special requirements.

8. It can be expanded if you acquire more sleeves

If your flexography business grows in the near future, you will certainly acquire many more sleeves.

Even if you’re not planning to expand your operations, it could be a good idea to choose a modular flexography storage system that can easily be expanded. This way, your storage system will either remain the same, or it will grow with you.


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