Given the amount of options that consumers have, it is vital to stand out. To do this, companies must have creative, and eye-catching product packaging. Rather than risk this happening to you, this article highlights all of the things that companies can do to stand out against their competition.

1. Clear and Simple

Regardless of the product, the packaging that it is in should be clear and simple. If the packaging has too many words, photos or distractions it can take away from the product. When this happens, customers can get confused as to what the product is. To avoid this, make sure that the description and name are clear and simple. That way, when it is on a shelf amongst the competitors, consumers will instantly be able to identify what it does.

2. Maintain Honesty

Consumers will not go back to products if they feel that the packaging was misleading. When designing packaging for a product, the company should be careful when describing what the product can do. As well, there should not be any exaggerations or dis-honest marketing. If this happens with your company’s product, then consumers may feel lied to, and avoid returning.

3. Inject Personality

A good product package will have added personality to it. When trying to inject personality into a product packaging companies can use humor, shape, or language to evoke the feel and emotion behind a brand. When companies add some personality to their product packaging, consumers will likely gravitate towards it because it will stand out amongst the competition.

4. Use Correct Typography

Not only should companies pay careful attention to using the correct shape, and design of a package but they should be mindful of the typography. If a company uses an incorrect font that evokes a negative emotion, the consumer may look elsewhere. That’s because, the packaging may appear to ‘cheap’. In turn, leading the customer to believe that the product itself is cheap.

5. Creative Design

Companies should try to think creatively when it comes to designing the package. Instead of using the typical shape and design of a product box or bag, companies should think differently. For example, using a different shape of a box to place the product in. Doing this, will make for an eye-catching design when it is on the shelf amongst the competitors. Plus, the consumers eye will instantly gravitate towards it. In turn, increasing the changes that they will notice your product, and consider it for their purchase.

6. Make it Durable

It is vital for companies to pick a durable package for their product. If the packaging is not durable, it is at risk of breaking in the hands of a customer. If this were to happen, consumers may feel as if the product is cheap. Rather than risk this happening to your company, be sure to invest and create a package that will last.

7. Study the Competition

Prior to deciding on a design for a product, companies should be sure to study the competition. Doing this, can give the company insight into how their competitors look. As well, this information can be used to design a product that is guaranteed to stand out. In turn, increasing the changes that consumers will notice the product when it is on the shelf.

8. Choose Colors Carefully

Certain colors evoke emotions. When picking a design for the product, be sure to pick colors that complement the brand and product. This means, avoid picking colors that will not excite, or entice consumers to pick up your product.


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