Among the many technological developments that are making farming easier is the growing range of automatic pig feeders. By choosing the right pig feeder for your requirements, you can ensure your animals are fed on time and save yourself a lot of work.

1. How automatic feeders work

Whether you want to provide your pigs with liquid feed or dry alternatives such as pellets, automatic pig feeders ensure that the feed gets to the trough when it’s needed. In many cases, the feeders have a censor so that when the pigs want to eat, the system knows to dispense more food. Automated systems often transport the feed from a silo or other storage facility in pipes. You can control the number of pigs to be fed by the system and how much feed they will receive by using the system’s control panel.

2. Improving cost management

A great advantage that comes with automatic feeders is the ability to better manage the quantity of food your animals receive. Some feeders even collect data on the pigs and how much they eat, making it easier for you to make decisions about the amount of feed to use. This will also help you cut back on food waste. But it’s not only a better control over your feed that improves your resource management.

3. No need for crates

Automatic pig feeders also do away with the need to install crates to feed the animals, reducing costs and overall storage space. Since automatic pig feeders are able to accommodate large numbers of animals, you can ensure they’re getting enough food and water with less labour than you would need to manually feed them. Many feeders give you the option of entering the maximum amount of feed each sow should receive each day. In this way, you can better manage the health of your animals.

4. Getting your pigs to the right weight

Achieving the best results from your pigs requires that they get the feed they need to grow fast. If you’re feeding them manually, it’s easy to give some animals more feed than others, causing some of your pigs to be smaller in size. By automating your feeding system, you can be sure that every pig will get the food it needs. This is not only important when it comes to selling your pigs, but also for ensuring that sows have larger litters when they breed.

5. Single feeding and group feeding

Different types of feeders allow you to cater to whatever way you keep your animals. Some feeders are designed to manage large groups of pigs so you can improve the efficiency of your farm. Feeders are also available for smaller groups of animals, for example between seven and 12 hogs, and you can also purchase automatic feeders for single pigs.

6. Make your pigs happy

Another benefit of an automated feeding system is that pigs have more freedom. They can exercise and choose to eat as much as they like, whenever they like, meaning they’re less stressed. You can also change the composition of the feed depending on each animal’s needs, which will also help to improve your pigs’ wellbeing.

7. Planning your schedule

Automatic pig feeders also allow you to be more flexible with your schedule. If you have other tasks on the farm to complete, or just want to take a day off at the weekend, you can load up your automatic feeder with enough feed to keep your animals going for a longer period of time. As long as you fill the feeder on a regular basis, you also no longer need to be available to feed your pigs at a specific time of day. Instead, they will be able to eat whenever they want to.


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