If you are planning to give a give to a client than you need to make sure that you have planned what you’re going to give them in great detail. The perfect gift to a client can cement a business relationship and guarantee a long and mutually beneficial business arrangement.

By getting a client a gift, you are showing them a few things. You are demonstrating that you value the relationship, that you want to show respect to them, and that they deserve your appreciation. Here are some great tips on how you can choose the perfect gift for your clients.

1. Think how you would feel

You have to think long and hard about the gift that you’re going to give to the client. If you have an idea in your head then try to imagine that you are the recipient. What would you think if you were given this gift? Would you be excited, thrilled, or confused? It is a good idea to talk over the ideas you have with a few members of your team so that you can get their input on what they think is the most appropriate gift.

2. Would you put the company name of this gift?

If you decide to brand the promotional gift with your company’s corporate identity, you need to be comfortable with the person that you give the gift to and every one of their coworkers associating it with your company. If you are unsure about the connotations associated with the giving of a certain gift, make sure that you do your research. This is particularly important when you are dealing with international clients or those of a different cultural background.

3. The best gift is one that is used on a daily basis

One of the goals that you could put towards the giving of your gift is to keep you company at the top of mind for your clients. To do this you can make sure that the gift that you give is something that they use every day. This could be something as simple as a notepad or pen to something as extravagant as a designer watch.

4. Don’t be too generous

Some companies have policies in place that prohibit the acceptance of gifts over a certain amount. For this reason, you should avoid giving gifts that appear to be too expensive. You want to appear thankful, and not overstep.

5. Get your company brand on the gift

Not all gifts that you give to clients should carry your name, but a lot of them should. You can get a huge variety of gift items branded with your company logo and name. Just be careful that the branding is tasteful and that the item it is attached to is in good taste.

6. Don’t get too personal

If you know the client well, you should be able to get them a gift that they will enjoy a great deal. However, if you get them something that is too inline with their personal life and you haven’t really discussed that too much, it can come off as a little creepy.

7. Don’t break the bank

You should have a budget for these gifts and stick to it. Even if you come up with the best gift idea ever if it is over budget that you should move onto something that is more affordable. You want to still keep the relationship between yourself and the client a profitable one. Also, if you spend too much money on a gift you will set the bar too high for next years gift. If the quality of gifts takes a dip from one year to the next, the client may start to worry about how well your business is doing. When it comes to gift giving, consistency is key.


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