Many small business owners rely on large companies to deliver their goods. But, these companies often have high costs, poor customer service, and inefficient tracking systems.

Rather than rely on standard delivery services, you should consider a courier. If you’re unsure how a courier service can help, we’ve outlined below the top reasons why you should use one today.

1. Fast Service

When you have a rush delivery to make, relying on standard mail services can be disastrous. Oftentimes, these companies have set hours that dictate when a package can be picked up and dropped off. But, when you use a courier service you won’t need to worry. Courier services can often pick up, and deliver your package on the same day. Whereas other services close on weekends and holidays, a courier service is guaranteed available as some services operate 24/7.

2. Added Security

Because these services are much smaller in scale, you can guarantee your package will be well protected. Their scale makes it possible to vet and train every worker that is on their team. Courier services also make sure to provide insurance, background checks and performance standards for all of their drivers. Using a personalized delivery service also minimizes the risk of a package being lost or damaged because the workers will be held directly accountable for it.

3. Affordable

Courier services tend to have lower operation costs when compared to larger mail corporations. These low costs often result in a cheaper deliver charges and pick up fee’s. The charges you pay to the courier can also be adjusted to suit your business’s unique needs. Unlike standard mail companies where prices are set, couriers can provide unique solutions based on your company’s needs and work with you to reach a fair price for the service.

4. Efficient

Standard mail companies carry multiple deliveries at a time. Doing this, can slow down service and cause unnecessary delays. But, when you use a courier service, you can guarantee a punctual delivery. Courier companies tend to be small and easy to manage. Because of their scale, couriers typically deliver one package at a time. This allows the worker to focus on completing a single task as efficiently as possible.

5. Easily Accessible

Courier services are often local, which makes them easy to contact. This accessibility makes it easy to get in touch when issues arise such as rush deliveries, or stopped orders. Because these services are easy to communicate with, your orders can also be personalized. Unlike large corporations which can be difficult to connect with, a courier service can guarantee you’re getting the personalized service you deserve.

6. Specialized Services

Courier services can be specialized to suit every business need. These companies are flexible, and willing to work with every one of their clients to solve delivery needs. Oftentimes, this means employing unique tactic to get the job done. Some specialized services these companies offer are same day delivery, legal process servicing and white glove delivery. Large companies typically can’t accommodate unique requests which can impact your business.

7. Live Tracking

When using a courier service, you will be able to track your package in real time. Unlike larger companies which provide estimate times, a courier service is much more accurate. These companies are smaller, which lets you directly communication with a representative. You can even arrange to meet your driver, and request their contact information for direct updates. That way, if you need to know where a package is you will get answers in real time without having to worry.


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