If you make an impression during an interview, you’ll put yourself in a good position to land the job. Fortunately, you can try different things to help prepare yourself to succeed during an interview.

Check out these 6 different things you can do to stand out in an interview!

1. Show Up With Your Manners

Even if you’re not an outgoing person, it’s worth making an effort to connect with everyone you speak with at the interview. Your interaction with the HR manager and receptionist will reflect on your character as a person. Act as if everyone you speak with will be reporting on your behavior. Remember this attitude applies to even the custodians, servicemen and other workers in the building.

2. Spend Time Planning Your Outfit

Your outfit is one of the tools you have at your disposal to make a strong impression. Looking the part contributes a lot to selling a person on your professionalism. Take the time to look up the dress code for the office before you arrive. It’s ok to wear bold colors, but you don’t want to wear pieces that make it appear like you’re not taking the moment seriously. Make sure you polish your shoes and visit a hair salon before arriving.

3. Show Up Early

Nothing bad can come from showing up early. Even if you aim to show up exactly on time, a simple delay in traffic can throw off your plans. Showing up early also makes it easier for you to be calm during the interview. When you show up early, you can take a few minutes to compose yourself and get your nerves under control before entering the building. It’s also worth visiting the interview location ahead of time, so you know where you’re going.

4. Take The Time To Practice Basic Interview Questions

As much as companies like to differentiate themselves, they all ask the same types of questions at interviews. Getting ready for questions like “tell me about yourself” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” will help you answer with confidence. It can be tough to answer these open-ended questions on the spot which makes getting prepared ahead of time a necessity. Writing out your answers will make them easier to recall in the interview.

5. Use Examples To Answer Questions When Possible

Referring to your past experiences when answering your questions is a good way of showing your expertise. When answering a question, try to include an example where you used similar skills or troubleshooting to resolve a problem. Using examples of things you did in the past to back up your answers displays your skills and shows your ability to think on the spot.

6. Prepare Questions To Ask About The Company

If the interviewer asks if you have any questions and you don’t have any, you just wasted an opportunity. Take the time to research the company so you can ask questions that show you’re a motivated employee. Ask about their target market, the history of the company and how you’ll be contributing to their long-term goals. Try phrasing your questions in a certain way that shows you’ve done your research.

7. Send Thank You Messages

Sending thank you messages is an excellent display of professionalism after an interview. If you want to make the extra effort, leave a handwritten note with reception, or you can send one in the mail. Remember to highlight one positive aspect you can bring to the table in your thank you letter.


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