You may be surprised to find out that when you suggest to your team that you want to move your business storage to the cloud that you are met with some skepticism. The main reason that you may encounter some push back is that people in any workplace are usually resistant to any change in process as they interpret that as additional work for them.

Another, and perhaps more significant part of the reason why people are often suspicious of storing anything on the cloud is due to a lot of commonly held misconceptions around how it works and how secure it is.

1. The cloud is easy to hack

Most businesses will have to abide by some data protection laws and have procedures in place to ensure that the data that they have on their customer is adequately protected. This often puts a lot of businesses off storing their data off-site.

The truth is that the cloud can often be a lot more secure than in-house data storage as the companies that manage cloud storage are prepared to handle this exact objection from their potential customer base. The protection that they have in place to protect their servers from hackers is always kept up to date and is almost certainly more advanced than the security that most in office data storage will employ.

2. Everything will slow down

In most businesses, the need to access data quickly and without delay is now more important than ever. There is a concern that as you will have to access a lot of files and records that are stored on the cloud that it could take much longer to get any work done. Similar to the security issue that is often raised against cloud-based servers, the systems are constantly being updated and improved. This means that they will operate very fast and you will notice no change in speed of your data retrieval or even faster response times.

3. Cloud migration is going to be disruptive

Moving your data storage over to the cloud will be done by a team of professionals that are very experienced in handling this type of transition. You will probably only notice minimal disruption to your workday as they do this. When it comes to a cost-benefit analysis of whether you should be using cloud hosting, that is up to you. The first thing that you should ask your team is to become familiar with the reality of the situation and not any of the myths that they have heard about the cloud.

4. You’ll lose control

You will still be able to keep track and move all of your files the way that you are used to and you will not need to contact a third party every time that you want access to a particular file. Cloud-based systems are designed to be intuitive and allow for seamless migration. This means that you will not have to force your team to undergo extensive training so that they are able to continue performing their jobs.

5. It’s expensive

If anything the cloud will save you is more time and money in the long run as you will not need to update your systems and software in order to keep your data secure. You may find that you actually save money.

6. It won’t last

When you look at all of the large companies that are embracing the cloud, there is no doubt that it is here to stay.


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