Many professionals find themselves needing a briefcase to carry their business papers, files, computers and much more. Having a well-made, durable leather briefcase means you can take everything you could possible need along with you to your meetings or on business trips. With a variety of briefcase styles available, here are a few that might be of interest:

1. Attaché Briefcase.

A well-appointed Attaché case has all of the features you could possibly need. Inside, there’s space for your file folders, pen holders, an eyeglass case and business card holders. Some even have a removable writing tray. Choose one with combination locks if you carry confidential information and look for one with reinforced corners and brass or metal feet which offer protection for the exterior.

2. Laptop Briefcase.

A laptop briefcase is generally slimmer than a traditional Attaché case, making it less cumbersome. Most have a zipper at the top instead of other types of closers and locks. Exterior side pockets and removable shoulder straps make a laptop briefcase easy to carry. Inside, there’s space for your laptop, phones, tablets, as well as files, papers, pens and other items you may need to take along.

3. Counselor Briefcase.

This type of briefcase is geared towards serious business professionals who need a lot of space in a briefcase. With adequate space for all of your paper files, a laptop or tablet, exterior pockets for phones, pens, and other small items, it’s an ideal briefcase for those who use their briefcase as a second office. Add a shoulder strap or baggage strap to slide over a trolley for days when your bag feels like it weighs as much as you do!

4. Doctor Bag.

A classic doctor bag has one large compartment, ideally with a water-resistant lining. The framed opening ensures it won’t close when you need to set it down to tend to a patient. One with a side pocket inside is a great choice to keep your medical implements separate from your computer equipment or files. Look for a durable exterior with a slide lock closer and metal or brass feet to protect the bottom of the case.

5. Commuter Briefcase.

A commuter briefcase, made of durable fabric is a great carryall when you have a long commute. With a number of side pockets and space inside for your electronics, papers, office supplies and even your lunch, having a well constructed commuter bag is like having a portable office. Look for one with zippers that go all the way around for a wide opening and easy access to the contents inside.

6. Slim Briefcase.

A slim briefcase is perfect for carrying your laptop or tablet and a small amount of paperwork or files. They are easier to carry and less weighty than a traditional Attaché case or other large briefcase, while still holding everything you need for your meeting. Find one with a removable shoulder strap to make it even more comfortable to carry.

Briefcases come in a wide range of sizes and styles so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly.


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