The workplace is a setting that helps to engage individuals from all walks of life. Each individual here has a role to fill, from the intern to the executive in charge of a department. Down the line, goals will be accomplished, and a cause for celebration will arise. If you are considering getting your employer a present, many ideas exist.

If you want a one-stop shop for gifts, a gift basket will be the way to go. With a gift basket to build, you can include one of many awesome items inside of it. That is why it can be an awesome present to provide your boss with at the end of the day.

Here are six gift basket ideas for your boss:

Idea #1: Scents

Everyone loves a great aroma, from the bar to a party, no matter where you go after hours. Moreover, each individual will have a specific scent that they are fond of wearing on their outfit. A gift basket can include cologne or perfume if you want to place it inside.

Of course, determining what scent to put inside the corporate gift baskets can vary. You may have to figure it out subtly or place other scents inside for them to try out on their own accord. Either way, these types of fragrances can go a long way, especially when it acts as their presence within the overall gift basket!

Idea #2: Chocolates

A staple of any sort of gift basket has to do with chocolate. You can find virtually any sort of chocolate to purchase for gift basket purposes, from the ordinary to the gourmet versions. These all satisfy one’s sweet tooth, and your employer may have preferences for the ones they enjoy.

If you are having difficulties figuring out what chocolate they like, throw a few in the basket. The more chocolate inside, the better, as far as gift basket inclusions go. Chocolate will also not break the bank in terms of the quantity you decide to put inside. Once your boss opens the basket up, they will be pleased to find their favourites inside.

Idea #3: Snacks

While the sweet side of things makes for a great gift basket idea, the savoury side should not be ignored. Snacks go hand-in-hand with chocolate presents, giving the recipient a bevy of flavours. The best ones are the snacks that immediately require you to go for another handful.

Chips, and their nearby counterparts, can be an awesome addition to the gift basket you put together. Of course, thousands of flavours are available to you in this regard. While it is recommended to include a few bags, do not go overboard with their inclusion. You have limited space to work with overall!

Idea #4: Liquor

After a long, hard day at work, most want to unwind with a nice beverage. As a result, including your employer’s favourite bottle of liquor in the gift basket can be ideal. Sometimes, tracking down their preferred bottle can be a bit difficult. As with scents, you can also experiment with new additions.

Including, however, their preferred type of brandy or whiskey can always be warranted for the occasion. The amount of liquor inside the bottle may also be a factor to consider. Usually, you should go for an average-sized bottle to make room for other basket additions.

Idea #5: Caffeine

Of course, not all of us drink liquor, and an alternative to alcohol may be on the docket. In this light, who does not like a good cup of coffee or tea? Your boss may have preferences, which can be a window of opportunity. Coffee products come in many different types of blends as a start.

The same can be said for tea, which initially has various flavours. Thankfully, a gift basket can include one of many of these varieties, which can benefit the basket. Include a few packets or boxes of their go-to flavours and a few newer ones. That way, you can cover all of your beverage bases.

Idea #6: Gift Cards

No gift basket can truly be completed without including a gift card. These do the hard work for you in figuring out what the recipient prefers daily. Your boss may love to visit that one fancy restaurant or café in their downtime, for instance. Pick gift cards designated for these spots, and you will be good to go!