There are many workforce management software applications available. However, no two are built the same and some are definitely better than others, offer more functionality and capabilities. Here are 5 features your workforce management software should definitely have.

1. Time tracking module

The real-time tracking feature is an essential part of any workforce management software. This assists companies to stay accurate and consistent all the time. It helps in capturing employees clocking in and out times as well as attendance. Employers can use this data for staff management and calculating payroll.

Time tracking together with GPS location management is essential for data collection. It monitors where the employees are when they are collecting their data. As a result of GPS location management, the data collected by employees is reliable. Time tracking also allows for proper work order tracking. This ensures enough time is allotted for each assigned job and that each employee is given enough jobs to fill their day, ensuring your company can assist all customers that require it.

2. Scheduling module

Creating a proper work schedule is essential yet a difficult task for most companies especially those that are larger or with many mobile workers. A scheduling module is, therefore, a must-have feature for all workforce management software to help in streamlining processes. Staff can view their schedule on the software application without having to line up for confirmation.

Companies may need to amend their schedules time and again to adjust for occasions that come up such as workers missing time due to illness. The scheduling feature allows employers to fill such voids automatically by checking for the next available employee who is qualified for the position.

3. Employee management

The management of employees is a vital function of the human resources department. Consequently, workforce management software applications must have an employee management feature. This feature assists in carrying out duties related to the hiring of employees, managing them, and analyzing their performance.

An employee management feature specifies the roles and responsibilities of every employee as well as their goals. All information highlighting their achievements and compensation is usually included as well. There are also assessment tools that can assist managers in assessing and selecting eligible candidates to fill vacant positions. Through the employee management module, the managers can also track the progress of employees from the time they got hired

4. Software integration

In today’s business world, the combination of different systems is essential to help in centralizing processes. While a workforce management software can be used to carry out various functions, it is not a completely comprehensive software. As such it should have an integration feature.

An integration feature allows the software to be integrated with other applications. This enables the sharing of data between different systems. As a result, you can seamlessly carry out various functions from one central location. This saves on resources, improves efficiency, and enhances data management in all the departments in your organization.

5. Tracking feature

The tracking feature provides employees with an option to track their payment, schedule, benefits and all their attendance data. For example, employees can easily follow up on their leave of absence without having to bother visiting the human resources department.

Employees can view and manage their data on the software with the help of the tracking feature. It helps to simplify the functions of human resources since the employers can update the data on their own. Also, the feature enables the staff to get notifications on all the tasks they have performed as well as pending tasks they still need to complete. They can also request for any equipment required for a given task through this feature.


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