Real estate can be a challenging industry; however, there are plenty of opportunities for success. A few strategic changes to your company can make it easier to generate leads and find new clients. Use these five suggestions to improve your real estate company!

1. Upgrade Your Business Card

As a real estate agent, you should be handing out your business card reasonably often. You’ll need to make your card unique to avoid having it tossed in someone’s desk and never seen again. One option you have to make your card stand out is to use an embossing effect on the words. Embossing makes your card more tactile which helps you stand out among the flimsy pieces of cardboard other companies are using.

Using thick paper and bright colors are another way to make your card stand out. It’s also worth creating something visual instead of relying on words. QR codes are also useful for taking people directly to a landing page on your website.

2. Make It People Easy For People To Find You Online

When you Google your name or your company’s name people need to see what your company is up to immediately. Try and get helpful blog posts and case studies to rank high when people search your name. It’s easier to generate leads when people see how you can help others.

In addition to leading with value, you should have some type of contact form on each page of your website. You can create a case study and use it as a lead magnet to build your email list and client base. Make it easy for people to immerse themselves in your business when they search your name.

3. Invest In Quality Shots Of Your Local Area

Using local images on your website and social media accounts is a great way to create engagement. High-quality pictures of the local area help people see the beauty in the area you’re selling real estate in. You can hire a local photographer or hike to some little-known places yourself and get some quality pictures for your marketing campaigns.

Hiring a professional photographer can work to your benefit in many instances. It’s incredible the difference a quality photo can make to your listing. Proper lighting and camera equipment goes a long way to showcasing the full beauty of a property. Populating your social media and website with quality images will help you stand out as a local real estate agent.

4. Use Real Estate Commission Advances To Steady Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is essential to improving your real estate company. Real estate commission advances can work to your advantage by making it easier to maintain operating costs in your company. During slow months it’s difficult to invest in marketing which is essential to helping you gain more business. Real estate commission advances help you keep the momentum going by allowing you to use your funds strategically.

Real estate commission advances are not a loan and do not require a credit check. Getting your commission advance before closing can help you invest in finding a new deal instead of going weeks or even months without a new client.

5. Spend Time Creating A Lead Generation System

It’s worth your time to define the different ways that you want to attract new clients. You’ll need some tactics in place to nurture people from interested to ready to buy. Finding ways to give value and make connections makes it easier to get referrals coming your way. Spend some time planning out your blogging, social media, and email marketing strategies.


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