With all the thought and creativity, you probably put into designing you’re the banner for your company or organization, it is easy for the stand that holds it to become an afterthought. Not putting proper consideration into your banner stand is a big mistake though. You need a reliable stand that is appropriate for your banner if your vision is going to be carried through until the end.

The process of selecting one can be a bit overwhelming though, there are many choices available and you really need to think about how you can make the most effective use of the space you have available. Here are some tips to help you pick a great banner stand that will get your message across loud and clear.

1. Consider both space and placement

Before you set out to find the perfect banner stand, you need to be aware not only of how much space you’re going to have to display your message, but also how the setup of the room will be laid out.

You might think you have plenty of room but if your banner is going to need to be placed behind a long table, it is important to know this in advance so that half your message doesn’t end up being covered by other promotional materials. Consider sketching out a plan of how everything will come together in order to avoid making an unnecessary mistake.

2. Don’t forget about timing

Although most banner stands come together relatively quickly, some do require more assembly than others and therefore it is important to think about how much time you’re going to have to set up your banner once you arrive on location.

Typically, the difference here is that stands which offer greater stability will take a bit longer to setup, while the type you can set up in seconds probably won’t be able to stand up to high winds or, in some cases, even strong ventilation. Chose something that suits your needs but can also be assembled in the time you have available.

3. Retractable and roll-up banner stands

These are the most common types of banner stands you’ll encounter and are great because they can be set up in seconds and come in a large variety of sizes. That being said, they are really only intended for indoor use as the support system that holds them up in relatively flimsy if subject to wind.

4. L and X banner stands

As the names imply, these type of banner stands offer more stability through a high-tension and tripod support respectively. They still set up relatively quickly but do require a few more minutes of assembly compared to retractable or roll-up stands. This extra effort when setting up provides them with more stability though, making these styles suitable even for outdoor events, assuming the weather is relatively calm.

5. Promotional and EZ-post banner stands

These are the most stable among the various types of banner stands available and are intended for more permanent or long-term use. A “promotional style” banner stand is stabilised with a heavy base that can be additionally weighted for outdoor use. These come in a variety of sizes but do require assembly each time they set up.

The same is true for EZ-post banner stands, but these larger framed stands are typically intended to remain in place for a longer time. They are secured in place using posts staked into the ground and are therefore only suitable for outdoor use. If opting for this type of stand, it is probably wise to look at a mid- or higher-range model, due to the fact that the integrity of the structure matters more.


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