Traditionally when you want to give flowers to someone, you would need to go to the flower store, choose an arrangement and physically deliver them yourself.

However, many flower delivery companies have sprouted up, offering customers the convenience they need. Here are 5 ways such delivery companies are convenient.

1. Door-to-door

Some occasions warrant you to sending flowers. However, you may be out of town and unable to personally deliver them. These are the situations where flower delivery services can be the most helpful.

Flower delivery companies are able to fulfill your order whether you call them or complete a request on their website. All you need to do is choose and arrangement, specify an address, date, and time, and the flowers will be deliver right to the recipient’s door. In doing so, you will show the recipient that you are thinking of them despite being away and doing other things.

2. Saves time

You know that you need to gift flowers to someone. However, obligations such as work, school, or raising a family can make it difficult to find the time to do so.

As mentioned, flower delivery companies can take orders via phone or online. This saves you a tremendous amount of time that you would have had to spend physically attending the flower store, choosing an arrangement, and specifying delivery instructions. You also will not be responsible for physically delivering the flowers either. Instead, you can devote more time to other things you need to take care of.

3. Professional arrangements

When you purchase flowers, you want them to look great and be appealing to the tastes and preferences of the recipient. While you can probably put something together and it will look acceptable, it will most likely pale in comparison to what a professional florist can do.

Flower delivery services offer arrangements that look classy and beautiful, impressing any recipient that you want to send to. Professional florists know how to make arrangements look full and with a variety of different flowers yet not to the point where it looks to cramped and busy. Flower delivery companies are able to replicate any arrangements you pick out in-store or online, ensuring you are able to send a beautiful arrangement that matches the occasion perfectly.

4. Timely delivery

As stated previously, sometimes you are out of town or unable to find the time to order flowers and/or get them to the recipient in a timely manner. You would hate to miss the occasion and make the recipient think you forgot or could not be bothered.

When you order flowers from a delivery company you can specify the date and time you want them delivered. If you want to order them early, you can do so well in advance and your flowers are guaranteed to reach the recipient per the instructions you provided. Even if you waited until the last minute, most flower delivery companies can deliver within 24 hours notice and some can even do same-day delivery

5. Online sales

Being out of area or too busy to attend a flower store to purchase flowers can threaten your ability to get a gift for the recipient on time. Luckily, online sales offers a great degree of convenience as you can order them via computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere, even the comfort of your own home.

All you need to order flowers online is an address, your contact information, and a credit card for payment. As a result, you can order flowers on the go which is especially perfect for people who find there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.


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