Corner guards serve as a form of protection for your building and even your home. Though used mainly in buildings, some corner guards can be used inside a home to protect your walls from accidents and damage and can actually look quite attractive.

They may be used to enhance the beauty of your home, as there are many different types of corner guards available. These can be made from different materials as well. They are also made with different finishes, so let’s have a closer look at some of these corner guards and what they are used for.

1. Rubber Corner Guards

Rubber corner guards tend to be thick and flexible, so they are a very effective in giving protection. They can be used (and found) in warehouse areas where there may be a loading dock or storage area. These places tend to take a fair amount of impact from all kinds of boxes, skids and forklifts, so they offer great protection. Rubber corner guards may not have much design benefits, but they do an efficient job and can save you both money and time, especially from maintenance costs.

2. Metal Corner Guards

Depending on the building or the area in the building, metal corner guards can provide a strong solution in terms of protection. Steel and aluminum corner guards are useful when it is an area where an impact occurring is quite high. Carts, trolleys and beds that are constantly moved can bang into areas and damage the building, so metal corner guards are ideal. In kitchens or food prep areas, there may actually be regulations put in place and therefore, the business will need to comply.

3. Clear Corner Guards

These corner guards are a more economical solution. The good thing is, it blends well with the wall design. If you have wallpaper, it will still show through. They are made of thin plastic but can withstand high impact. You may see clear corner guards in residential and retail buildings. Despite the fact that they are plastic, it is relatively durable as well.

4. 2-Piece Corner Guards

This kind of corner guard is made up of a retainer which is fastened to the wall. A plastic cover snaps on to this retainer and hence, are also known as retainer guards. This particular model is meant for really high impact and does an effective job. This is because most of the impact will be absorbed by the covering that’s on the outside. One advantage to this type of corner guard is that the outside cover can be easily removed and replaced if need be, in the event of damage from impacts. They can come in various colours and are a little more expensive than some other kinds of corner guards. This model is good for places like hospitals and hotels.

5. Coloured Corner Guards

These are made from different plastics. They have a few advantages over the clear plastic guards. Damage can be covered. They can also coordinate with a wall’s design, giving a greater number of aesthetic options.

By using corner guards, you can help protect your facility (or home) from damage. There are even fire rated corner guards which will satisfy fire codes. With so many to choose from, such as those mentioned above and others like flexible and tape on corner guards, you will be able to find one that works well with your facility.


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