In a market landscape where everyone tries to go viral through some hashtag or clever digital marketing campaign, it can be difficult for a startup or a dying brand to get in on the action. When it seems like everything has been done, you find an opportunity in something that we often take for granted: the packaging.

Whether you’re concentrating on brick-and-mortar venues or you’re allocating much of your resources to ecommerce, you will need to take another look at your package your goods.

A simple box or a white bag. It doesn’t matter. You need to be a bit more creative.

Here are five creative packaging tips every brand needs to know:

1. Try to Make it Reusable

Consumers are always trying to find ways to reuse things, while businesses are routinely searching for methods of free publicity. How could you try to merge these two aims together?

That’s easy: make your packaging reusable.

When you’re designing your product packaging, it is important to try to make it reusable for the customer. Whether it’s a box that can be used to store stuff or a bag that can be used to purchase other items at the supermarket, if the shopper can continually utilize the packaging, then this is a boon for your brand because that shopper has now become a walking advertisement.

Plus, this makes your brand green – and this has become important for consumers (see below).

2. Simplicity is Key – Don’t Make it a Hassle to Open

If you have ever taken an art, marketing, or graphic design course, then you have likely heard the teacher utter this phrase: less is more. And it’s true, you know?

Sure, you may think that you need to design a package that is complex, unique, and stands out from your competitors. But this is potentially the worst way to introduce yourself to shoppers.

Ultimately, you want simplicity and to ensure that it is easy to open without any hassle.

3. Offer Special Edition Packaging

Do you want to make your products seem exciting? Do you want to create some FOMO (fear of missing out)? Well, there is one simple trick: offer the purchasing public some special edition packaging.

This may not work for all brands, but it can succeed for certain niche products, like boxes of cereal, t-shirts, books, magazines, bottles, and a whole host of other goods.

Should you design a truly unique special edition package, then it may stay in the home and produce brand awareness for every person that walks in that person’s door.

4. Show Off Your Brand’s Personality

Thanks to the prevalence of social media, brands can show off their personality more than ever before. With the right hashtag or marketing campaign, a business – large or small – can go viral instantly.

Although you should complement your strategies with digital marketing, you also need to concentrate on the aspect that first connects the shopper to the brand. And this does entail the packaging.

So, the question becomes: how can you personalize the packaging?

Here are several tricks to employ:

  • Add your social media accounts to the packaging.
  • Insert a hashtag that is integral to your marketing campaign.
  • Be sure you have a memorable and original logo.
  • Make your slogan witty and, again, memorable.

It is important to remember, however, that you shouldn’t be too clever and try to go overboard.

5. Be Sustainable – Eco-Friendly is Popular

One of the biggest complaints that consumers have these days is that there is too much packaging, which then ultimately creates waste and ends up in the landfill. This is a popular topic that comes up regularly in newspapers, talk radio, and cable news. It elicits a strong emotion.

This is your opportunity to cease the moment by making your product packaging environmentally sustainable. It will require some research and allocation of resources, but it will eventually pay dividends – less energy consumption and more positive press.

How do you achieve this? Well, we talked about making the packaging reusable. We also mentioned how less is more. But it could also consist of just incorporating reusable materials into the packaging.

As long as you make an effort to be eco-friendly, then you can showcase this to the public.

When a startup wants to attract eyeballs to their part of the shelving unit or when a bland company wants to become exciting again, the best strategies to employ often surround the packaging. This is your opportunity to tap your creative side, use your marketing acumen, and show off your business prowess.


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