Moving to a new office can be a great way to increase productivity and streamline workflows among employees. At the same time, an office move can be highly stressful and cause a great deal of disarray during the course of the moving process.

To avoid causing too much chaos, there are some good procedures to follow to help ensure everyone stays on the same page throughout the process. This will allow work to resume sooner and help prevent employee burnout which could otherwise occur.

1. Let Employees Help

Helping Employee

One problem you can encounter during an office move is that employees start to feel like their situation is out of their control. They likely didn’t initiate the move and have no real say as to how it’s going to be carried out. One solution to this is to let them be involved in the moving process as much as possible. While labor laws may prevent certain employees from doing any strenuous activities, you can still allow employees to help in planning the arrangement of the new office, help with disassembly at the old office, and do whatever else they can to help them take ownership in the process.

2. Start Strong

Stay Strong
A loss of productivity during an office move can be a big hurdle to overcome. Especially during the time when you’re actually moving employees and equipment from the old office to the new. To help overcome some of this loss, it’s a good idea to bring the new office online in stages, if at all possible. Especially if you have an office where many employees do similar tasks, move only a portion of those employees at a time so they can be up and running in the new office before the final portion of employees in the old office shut things down. This ensures a continuity of operations that will be better for everyone involved.

3. Work Quickly

office moving
Whether you’re moving employees in chunks or all at once, the key to a successful office move is to work as quickly as possible. Typically, this means bringing in outside help, such as with a company like Premiere Van Lines, to help with your move. Premiere Van Lines can assist you by providing experienced movers to ensure all equipment is moved quickly and safely, as well as a large truck to be able to move it all at once. No matter how quickly you’re able to complete the move, though, the main thing is to work carefully to ensure that you don’t end up losing a large sum of money on the move by having to replace broken equipment.

4. Stay Organised

No matter how long you’ve been in your current office, you can be sure that when everything is moved to a new location, it will suddenly seem quite unfamiliar. That’s why it’s so important to label everything so that you can quickly get the new office up and running. For a individual’s office or workstation, label every item from that space with their name so it can all be matched up when it arrives at the new office. Label common items as such and use a numbering system to identify groups of items that were kept together in the previous office. Though it can be tedious to stay organized, the effort and confusion you save in the new office will be more than worth it.

5. Stay in Control

An office move can be a favourite time for employees to seek ways to skirt their responsibilities. It’s important to maintain a level of control throughout the process to ensure employees stay focused and can quickly get back to work. While it’s fine to let them enjoy the process, don’t let it set a precedent for decreased productivity in the future.


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