Getting a new job is great, right? It doesn’t matter how you got the position, you’re just happy to have it. Well, no job is perfect, of course, and you may begin seeing the issues that lay ahead of you as the luster fades. Of course, you wouldn’t have been able to foresee these issues no matter how you got the job. However, you may have used an employment recruiter to land the job, and they may have just known a few things that you did not. This is a common practice. After all, there are some things that you wouldn’t tell the recruiter about yourself, right? What are some little things that an employment recruiter may keep to themselves, though? Well, in the words below you will find five things an employment recruiter would never tell you.

1. The Other Company May Pay More

If you are using an employment agency, there’s a fair chance that you will be willing to take a little less pay or take a few less hours per week. You know this, and they know this, so they may offer you a lower paying position in order to fill it, while a better paying job is right next door. Of course, researching the position that you are aiming for and knowing the overall average pay of said position can help give you a leg up whenever it comes to negotiating your pay and hours.

2. It Isn’t a Great Job

As was said earlier, not all jobs are perfect. Some jobs are just not good, and some are outright bad. While that isn’t a fun thought, it still is not an reputable employment agency’s job to tell you that a job isn’t good. They are there to get you a position with a new company, and they can’t do that as efficiently by telling you which jobs suck and which are worth your time. Although, there is a very good chance that the job you get will be wonderful and just what you wanted, so don’t get discouraged!

3. They’re Making Money Off of You

They won’t tell you this, but you may put this one together on your own. They get paid for every recruitment that they provide, so they actually need you as you need them. The difference is that they may get a pretty penny for recruiting you while you get a significantly lower wage. However, you can at least be thankful for having a job, right? Everyone has to make their money somehow, after all.

4. The Company You are Being Recruited to Isn’t Doing Well

Companies fall every day, and many of those companies have brand new employees who have joined at the worst possible moment. This could be you, as a recruiter doesn’t have to fill you in on the fact that a company is in it’s dying days. This is exactly why it is important to do your own independent research into an employment option beforehand. You’d be surprised what you can find out with fifteen minutes on the internet.

5. You Shouldn’t Take That Offer

Job offers are always nice, but not all job offers are inherently good for you. While this is common knowledge, a recruiter will not steer you away from an opportunity if they know it isn’t right for you. That isn’t to say that a recruiter will not be looking out for you and getting you the best offers possible. They simply will not deter you from a bad decision. This is why independent research is once again a good idea. So take all the time you need in making a decision.


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