Every once in a while, your body can use a hand, whether you recently sustained a serious injury or from general wear and tear. A physiotherapist can be all you need to get your muscles manually exercised by a professional and put back into working order.

A physiotherapist is responsible for remediating physical impairments in their patients and help them regain full functionality over their body. They also follow up on these physiotherapy sessions with regular appointments for further examinations, diagnosis and advice. The best physiotherapists can make your recovery quick and easy.

However, not all physiotherapists are made equal. However, a bad physiotherapist can actually make you worse off than before or charge your fraudulently for your service. There are a few ways you can save your back and your buck when scouting for a reputable chiropractor. Here are a few red flags to look out for when searching for a physiotherapist:

1. Outdated Facility and Diagnostic Tools

Does the facility you are visiting look like it came from the 90’s? That is an immediate red flag since the medical profession is constantly adapting and developing in new practises and technology. Don’t get stuck with a physician that is stuck in the past. Your back deserves modern treatment and rehabilitation equipment.

2. Look for Diversity in Specialization

When you are reviewing the staff list, you should make sure that there are doctors representing more than one specialization. You may think that if there is a whole team of doctors that specialize in one field, they should be able to excel in that field pretty well.

The truth is that diagnosing an issue could take a team of experts, it is not a “one specialization fits all” solution. As well, they should have a diverse set of degrees and certifications in fields like chiropractic fields, physical therapy, kinesiology and other health specializations.

3. Lack of Patient Reviews and Testimonials

If you have visited the clinic’s website and you are finding a severe lack of customer reviews, there could be a problem here. This can mean that there is a lack of patients that had a good experience with the clinic and are unwilling to give a good review. Looking at the Google reviews can also indicate staff performance and the quality of the overall clinic.

4. A Lack of Bedside Manner

If you make the step of visiting a clinic and getting to know a physiotherapist, he or she should have a decent bedside manner or rapport that you feel comfortable to visit them on more than one occasion. Physical therapy is an ongoing process, so it is essential to have a clinic that you feel comfortable visiting often.

This is especially important since diagnosing and treating a back-related injury will take more than one appointment to continuously massage the affected area and check in to see whether or not the problem is persisting.


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