If you’re struggling with marketing, working with a PR agency can be a win-win situation. The deeper you get into your business, the more you realize that pitching media stories, tracking your results and dealing with journalists is not as simple as looks.

PR agencies bring a professional touch to your marketing campaigns and help you gain momentum. In this post, we’ll look at four different ways a PR agency can help your company.

1. Get Them To Execute Detailed Audience Research

The more aware you are of your audience, the easier it is for your company to make profitable decisions. If you don’t cater to a specific audience, you’re going to end up entertaining unqualified leads, which eat up your resources. A PR agency can help you gather hard data on how to best serve your audience.

A PR agency will use tactics like focus groups and customer surveys to get a true understanding of your audience. They can help you assess the public view of your company and where you have room for improvement. Having solid market research on your side will make things easier for your marketing and content team.

2. Have Them Help You Find Places To Reach Your Audience

In addition to helping you identify your audience, a PR agency can point you to the best places to interact with them. You’re much more likely to have success advertising directly to your audience instead of trying to attract them using demographics on third-party ad platforms.

One of the most consistent errors businesses make is attempting to get their company visible everywhere. It’s much more efficient to share your stories with media outlets that speak to your target audience. Emphasize to the PR agency that you want to find ways to get close with your audience.

PR agencies are quite familiar with helping company’s get known in their industry. PR agencies can create special events designed to reach out to your audience and establish a media presence. A PR agency can also write pitches to publications and influencers that your audience follows closely. These are much more targeted ways to interact with your ideal audience.

3. Ask How They Plan To Measure Success

Before getting too involved with a PR agency, make sure you’re clear on how they measure success. If you’re not tracking your results, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time and money. Data is a valuable asset that allows you to make changes to how you are promoting your business and serving your audience. Your PR agency needs to use data to make your business better.

Usually, PR agencies will provide some combination of daily, weekly and monthly reports. These reports should include which avenues are working best and which ones are draining your resources. You should also be able to see clear signs of moving forward in each report. Measuring your results is an essential part of marketing that cannot be overlooked.

4. Get Clear On The Payment Details Before Signing A Contract

Before agreeing on a fee, make sure you understand how the work hours will be used. Usually, agencies charge a monthly retainer for a certain amount of hours. Get them to explain to you what they’ll be doing, when you can expect updates and how they’ll track their progress. This will help prevent any surprises down the line.

Large PR agencies are usually the most reputable, but you need to be prepared to make a significant investment. Smaller boutique agencies can also provide a high level of quality service with rates for small companies. If you can, try and find a PR agency that specializes in your industry. Also stay away from any agency that promises you the world, its never that easy.


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