As a business owner, you probably want little more than for your company to be able to carry out business operations day in and day out without issues.

However, sometimes incidents occur that require immediate attention such as fires, medical emergencies, and crimes. In situations such as these, people present in the building need to be alerted so those at risk can be assisted in a timely manner. One of the best ways to alert many people at once is the installation of panic alarms.

These alarms are buttons situated in places such as on walls or under desks. When pushed, sirens or bells go off and alert people in the area to an immediate threat or they can be silent so as to not draw attention and escalate a situation. If your office is one that does not yet have panic alarms installed, below are reasons to consider them.

1. Saves lives

While emergency services do a fantastic job at helping those that need it, there are still occurrences where people are injured and die or crimes are committed because help did not arrive in time. These incidents happen when a workplace is large and employees are unaware of an issue or someone is working alone and no one is available to help when needed.

As a result, panic alarms are recommended for workplaces that can either alert people internally and then calls can be made for assistance or alerts go straight to the service that is needed. Either way, people that can potentially assist with the emergency are alerted and can go to the person or location that requires attention.

Panic alarms in the workplace can also make employees feel safer when doing their jobs as threats from domestic partners and fellow employees are more common than people think.

2. Options to suit your needs

All workplaces are different and can be exposed to some emergencies more so than others. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to have panic alarms installed that can meet your needs and the good news is there a few options to choose from. The nature of the business that you are in will largely drive the type that you choose.

Audible panic alarms are the types that sound a bell or alarm and are more suitable when more people are around and discretion is not needed, such as in case of a fire or medical emergency. A silent alarm is used more when someone does not want to draw attention to the situation.

When pressed, a silent alarm can alert police or a security company to an incident such as an intrusion or robbery. Both audible and silent alarms can either be installed on a wall, beneath a desk, or worn as a button on an employee’s person depending on what the workplace’s needs are.

3. Cost-effective

As a business owner, you want to keep employees and your workplace safe from harm, but you also do not want to break the bank in doing so. Luckily, panic buttons are a cheap and effective way to guarantee the safety and security of your office and everyone within it.

While initial installation fees can be costly depending on the number and type that you have installed, the security companies that offer them can give you a free quote and offer you some options before-hand. This will allow you to choose one that suits your needs and budget. Having panic alarms drawing attention to a situation can minimize damage done in case of a fire or prevent an intruder from causing destruction or robbing you. In these instances, you will not be out as much money as you would be without the installation of a panic alarm.


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